Looking for dog and cat items. Such as cat trees and dog crates. Thanks so much!
Im in need of a laptop it can be a older one my crashed
Needing 6 large (50-gallon or more) plastic, stackable trash cans. Cracked body is OK unless pieces are completely missing.
over a month agoLubbock, TXItems Wanted
I love to read books and would love it if I had a bookshelf so I can take them out of the boxes they're in right now. Thank you! God bless!
over a month agoLubbock, TXItems Wanted
As part of an art exhibition that the RISE department is putting on, we need hangers (and lots of them!) We'll need approximately 80 shirt and 80 pant hangers to display the exhibition, so if you have any lying around, please let us know! (Also, if you have clothes you would want to either loan or donate, we're accepting those, too!) Thank you! :)