Looking for books to add to Collection.... I m an avid reader all all types.. Romance/ drama/ scary/thrillers you name it. I will Gladly take some off ur hands. Thanks and God Bless!
I am looking for a place to store my boots... looking for a rack that is no more than 2 wide.. of u have Something you think would work please let me know Thank u
I am in need of an Olympus camera battery charger. I'm disabled on a fixed income and they want $40 for a new one. Thanks.
Looking for free moving boxes and moving paper. Anything is appreciated! Please contact me at 202-534-8120 (Jocelyn) Please no hecklers! Thanks!
I am in need of packing peanuts to pack 2 large boxes is anyone has some to spare.
looking for outdoor, wooden rocking chair for an adult, in sturdy condition (finish doesnt matter)
I'm looking for a pair of football or soccer cleat shoes in a size 9.5. It's for my son playing flag football. Thanks.
Looking for anything and everything that has to do with a wedding. My colors are burgundy, dark blue, Dusty Rose, and gold.