Items Wanted in Lubbock, TX

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Hello, I am looking for any bubble wrap or packing air pillows. Happy to pick up anywhere in Lubbock. thank you.
Looking for a FULL bed frame to put in my apartment, thanks!
Daughter and family moved into theur own home. They are in need of a toddler bed frame. They also need. A apartment size cook stove. Thank you.
I am a disabled lady on social security with limited funds. My little brother met and married a lady in the Phillippines, and lives there with their two kids. They have been married ten years, and I've seen him about 4 hours in that time. He is coming to Lubbock in October for two weeks to visit and I would love to be able to take him out a couple times. Is there anyone that has gift certificat...
I use a pay as you go tracfone now, but would like to have a tracfone smartphone if anyone has one they no longer need that works.
screen needed to repair screen door.
We are moving to Lubbock this weekend and r in need of everything
I have 5 girls i did summer clean out and ended up donating or throwing out almost all their clothes. I'm needing to find clothes to get me through till I can buy more. If anyone has any they no longer need please let me know 6 month or 6\9 months, 2t or 3t, 6 or 6\7, 7\8 or 10, 14/16
Would like to introduce as many types of mint as I can find to my currently fallow 5 acres in Lubbock County. Mint advice is also welcomed. I have zero concerns about spreading, that is in fact my goal.
Couch and love seat
I rescue feral kitties, socialize them, get them fixed, and find them homes. I am on a fixed income, and petfood donations of dog or catfood, wet or dry, or clumping litter are needed and appreciated.
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